January 2017 Update

Ravenwood Farm January Update

Hello Friends & Neighbors! It’s a NEW YEAR! – and one we’ve been anticipating for a VERY… LONG… TIME. We couldn’t be more excited to kick off 2017 and invite you all in to enjoy the completion of our barn space as we host a weekly farm stand and monthly dinner series at the start of the farm season this May.

(Fall 2016 harvest dinner in the barn)

(Ravenwood produce from summer harvest)

That may sound like a long time away, but for us, the season begins now.

We’ll be expanding our sugar bush this month with a collection setup that offers us a much greater yield as we begin to harvest maple sap this February. We’ve just purchased 12 adjoining acres to our property which opens up a lot of opportunities for future growth – starting with more maple syrup!

Ravenwood-Maple-SyrupIn early March we’ll start our seedlings in the greenhouse and begin implementing plans for this year’s growing season and put our dinner dates on the calendar (sign up here for invites). Because the food we serve in the barn is mostly grown here, our annual seed purchase is directly linked to our menus. Every year our selections change – we learn a little more about what grew well and what didn’t, what we enjoyed working with in the kitchen and what we can do without. The process continues as our menus inspire ideas for the next year’s seedlings.


This collaboration we call Ravenwood is the culmination of many years, starting back in 2010 when we bought our place and started dreaming about how farming, food and design can come together in a space that fosters community and inspires creative exchange. We started planting seeds back then and lugging our harvest to Brooklyn for a makeshift supper club we hosted in our apartment with friends.

It took a long time to figure out our soil and sun exposure, to nurture relationships with other growers and makers, to work with the town and secure permits for our space, to design and build. Seven years later (!), here we are with one beautiful barn dinner under our belt (last October in collaboration with Field + Supply) and finally ready for the start of our first true season.

We are SO grateful for each and every one of you that has patiently awaited these dinners, followed our progress, purchased our eggs + syrup + produce AND most importantly – offered support and encouragement. Trying to sustain a small farm operation is no small feat and the community that has grown around this venture is more precious than we could have ever hoped for.

So, those of you who have picked up a hammer in the barn, lugged heavy buckets of sap, chased our chickens back into the coop, got down on your knees to weed, hand-crafted beautiful pieces for our space, traveled from far to cook and serve our guests – the list goes on and on, you know who you are… this year is for you!

We hope you’ll continue to join in our story and we’re looking forward to some face-to face time at the farm stand this spring as we serve you a nice cold ice coffee and some savory + sweet treats.

See you then!

With Love + Gratitude,
Dana + Chris

– – – – –

PS. Throughout these winter months we’ll continue to fill our eggbox out front each weekend for neighbors to help themselves to our hen and duck eggs. / We post notices on Instagram (@ravenwoodny) each time we put them out and when they sell out.

Farm, Sugarbush + Eggbox Location: 39 Raven Wood Rd. Olivebridge
Barn Location: (5 miles down the road) 579 Samsonville Rd. Kerhonkson
– – – – –

*Photo contributions by the talented @christophertestani + @brookefitts

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