February 2017 Update

Ravenwood Farm, Maple Syrup, Eggs
Hello Friends + Neighbors,

With our third proper snow storm behind us, there’s no dispute that winter came in full effect this year. We hope you’re all enjoying the beauty this season brings and staying warm and safe with your families.

We’ve been hibernating quite a bit this month, as we plan out this first exciting year that Ravenwood will open it’s barn doors to the public. Seeds have been ordered and we’re excited about some beautiful new varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers this year.

Maple Syrup

With the help of dear friends (thanks Tait + Patrick!), our new sugaring setup is collecting this year’s sap. We’re hoping to double our yield this season, and will be updating you soon as maple syrup becomes available on our site and at our farmstead. Until then, you can check out the current winter issue of Modern Farmer that features our humble little operation in their article “Tapping into a Simpler Way of Life.” We were thrilled to have our backyard sugaring project, which is still in it’s infancy, highlighted amongst the stories of so many inspiring growers and creative entrepreneurs. More on this experience in our journal entry about our sugar bush.

Join Our Team

Other news on the horizon… As the 2017 farm season kicks off, we’re looking to expand our team out in the field and in the kitchen. Please help us spread the word about these six job listings to those who live in the area and might be interested. (Farm Worker, Kitchen Assistants, Barn Dinner Servers, + Dishwasher)

Dinner Invites

For those of you eagerly awaiting our dinners (can’t thank you enough for your patience + support), we’ll be sending out our first invites in March once we have dates on the calendar. If you know others who might like an invitation, please feel free to point them to our mailing list signup at: ravenwoodny.com/gatherings Also, for a peek at our first barn dinner that took place last season in collaboration with Field + Supply, visit this journal entry for photos and menu details.

That was a night to remember and we are so looking forward to creating many more memorable moments this upcoming season with each of you.

Until next time,
Dana + Chris

Join Our Team

As the 2017 farm season kicks off, we’re looking to expand our team out in the field and in the kitchen. Please help us spread the word about the following job listings to those who live in the area and might be interested.

Join Our Team



DescriptionPart-time farm help needed beginning this March throughout the sugaring and growing season.


  • Sugaring: sugar bush maintenance + collecting/boiling sap
  • Field Work: seeding, weeding, transplanting, fertilizing, watering/drip irrigation
  • Farmstand Prep: harvesting, washing, bunching, packing
  • Animals: chicken/duck care + coop maintenance

Experience / Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • High school education, GED, or equivalent work experience.
  • Previous experience on a farm/garden using organic growing practices (preferred)
  • Good interpersonal/communication skills and ability to work well with others.
  • Ability to receive and follow instructions.
  • Mindful of the safety of self and others.
  • Interest in growing produce for farm dinners
  • Self-starters who are mindful of our sustainable practices and the farm environment
  • Able to comfortably lift 50 lbs
  • English language proficiency (preferred)
  • Current valid driver’s license and ability to drive to and from work

Time Commitment

  • 25 hrs/mo
  • Mar- Apr (Saturdays)
  • May – Oct (Fridays)


photos by Brooke Fitts



Description: Assist chef Chris Lanier in monthly preparation of barn dinners that host 30 guests/night and celebrate each month’s harvest.


  • Two days of prep in off-site kitchen leading up to each event
  • Prep + outdoor cooking during barn dinners
  • Maintain proper food safety and kitchen hygiene

Experience / Qualifications:

  • Past experience as a line cook, prep cook or relevant culinary experience (preferred)
  • Passionate about learning new cooking techniques and ingredients
  • Basic understanding of professional cooking and knife handling skills
  • Understanding and knowledge of safety, sanitation and food handling procedures
  • Ability to take direction.
  • Ability to work in a collaborative, team environment.
  • Ability to work calmly and effectively under pressure.
  • Candidates with a food handler’s permit will be given priority.

Time Commitment:

  • May – Oct
  • (2) 5 hr prep days/mo (Thu+Fri)
  • (2) 5 hr events/mo (Fri+Sat)



Description: Two individuals needed to help serve food and wine during monthly barn dinners throughout the farm season. Looking for applicants who are energetic, positive and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. Servers should be able to provide consistent, friendly and responsive service to create an exceptional and memorable experience for all of our guests. Qualified candidates will be detail-oriented, self-motivated, and possess a true passion for hospitality, great food and wine.


  • Table setting and barn set up
  • Directing cars to the parking lot + greeting guests
  • Learning details of wine selections, menu items + food preparation
  • Serving wine and food to a group of 30 guests each night

Experience / Qualifications:

  • Previous experience in food service or a related field
  • Strong food and wine knowledge (preferred)
  • Ability to work respectfully as a member of a team
  • Adaptability in being directed and self-directed
  • Enthusiasm for the hustle tempo of a dining scenario
  • Desire to learn and talk about food with customers.
  • Ability to work given schedule, arrive on time and ready to work.

Time Commitment:

  • May – Oct
  • (2) 5 hr events/mo (Fri+Sat)



Description: Dishwasher needed during barn dinner events


  • Bussing table
  • Washing/drying dishes

Experience / Qualifications:

  • Restaurant experience a plus but no prior food service experience necessary

Time Commitment:

  • May – Oct
  • (2) 5 hr events/mo (Fri+Sat)


All applicants must have the ability to receive payments via Payroll and direct deposit bank transfer. To apply for any of the above positions or for more detailed information (including hourly rates), please inquire via email with:

  • Name of position your interested in
  • A brief introduction to yourself
  • An overview of related work experience
  • Three references via email/phone

( photos by Brooke Fitts )

January 2017 Update

Ravenwood Farm January Update

Hello Friends & Neighbors! It’s a NEW YEAR! – and one we’ve been anticipating for a VERY… LONG… TIME. We couldn’t be more excited to kick off 2017 and invite you all in to enjoy the completion of our barn space as we host a weekly farm stand and monthly dinner series at the start of the farm season this May.

(Fall 2016 harvest dinner in the barn)

(Ravenwood produce from summer harvest)

That may sound like a long time away, but for us, the season begins now.

We’ll be expanding our sugar bush this month with a collection setup that offers us a much greater yield as we begin to harvest maple sap this February. We’ve just purchased 12 adjoining acres to our property which opens up a lot of opportunities for future growth – starting with more maple syrup!

Ravenwood-Maple-SyrupIn early March we’ll start our seedlings in the greenhouse and begin implementing plans for this year’s growing season and put our dinner dates on the calendar (sign up here for invites). Because the food we serve in the barn is mostly grown here, our annual seed purchase is directly linked to our menus. Every year our selections change – we learn a little more about what grew well and what didn’t, what we enjoyed working with in the kitchen and what we can do without. The process continues as our menus inspire ideas for the next year’s seedlings.


This collaboration we call Ravenwood is the culmination of many years, starting back in 2010 when we bought our place and started dreaming about how farming, food and design can come together in a space that fosters community and inspires creative exchange. We started planting seeds back then and lugging our harvest to Brooklyn for a makeshift supper club we hosted in our apartment with friends.

It took a long time to figure out our soil and sun exposure, to nurture relationships with other growers and makers, to work with the town and secure permits for our space, to design and build. Seven years later (!), here we are with one beautiful barn dinner under our belt (last October in collaboration with Field + Supply) and finally ready for the start of our first true season.

We are SO grateful for each and every one of you that has patiently awaited these dinners, followed our progress, purchased our eggs + syrup + produce AND most importantly – offered support and encouragement. Trying to sustain a small farm operation is no small feat and the community that has grown around this venture is more precious than we could have ever hoped for.

So, those of you who have picked up a hammer in the barn, lugged heavy buckets of sap, chased our chickens back into the coop, got down on your knees to weed, hand-crafted beautiful pieces for our space, traveled from far to cook and serve our guests – the list goes on and on, you know who you are… this year is for you!

We hope you’ll continue to join in our story and we’re looking forward to some face-to face time at the farm stand this spring as we serve you a nice cold ice coffee and some savory + sweet treats.

See you then!

With Love + Gratitude,
Dana + Chris

– – – – –

PS. Throughout these winter months we’ll continue to fill our eggbox out front each weekend for neighbors to help themselves to our hen and duck eggs. / We post notices on Instagram (@ravenwoodny) each time we put them out and when they sell out.

Farm, Sugarbush + Eggbox Location: 39 Raven Wood Rd. Olivebridge
Barn Location: (5 miles down the road) 579 Samsonville Rd. Kerhonkson
– – – – –

*Photo contributions by the talented @christophertestani + @brookefitts

Modern Farmer Feature

Ravenwood Farm Modern Farmer

The 2016 Winter Issue of Modern Farmer is out on the newsstand and we could not be more thrilled to be featured in its pages. The story titled, “Tapping into a Simpler Way of Life” highlights the infancy of our sugaring operation in addition to our slow (and at times clumsy) transition from NYC to it’s rural outposts.

Ravenwood Farm Modern Farmer

With photography from our good friend Chris Testani and words by Verena Von Pfetten, you can read the full article online here. Below are some select photos from the story. A big thanks to Modern Farmer for including us amongst such an incredible selection of growers and creative entrepreneurs!

Ravenwood Farm, Modern Farmer, Waffles, Maple Syrup

2016 Fall Harvest Dinner

Ravenwood Barn Dinner

Our first dinner that we hosted last fall in collaboration with Field + Supply, is a big beautiful blur as we remember it. With three years of barn renovations culminating literally hours before our doors opened up to guests, it’s a wonder that we pulled it off.

But we did, and it could not have been more gratifying to see the efforts of so many come to fruition with such gracious guests. The most memorable moment of the evening was looking down the long dining table, lovingly crafted by our dear friend at Hudson Workshop, to see it filled with smiling candlelit faces and heaping portions of family-style dishes – grown and prepared right outside the barn doors.

Chris and I had spent so much time alone in the space (covered in 200 year old saw dust), that to hear it filled with laughter was a truly magical experience – seeing it come to life as we had always intended.

Ravenwood Barn DinnerRavenwood Barn Dinner2017.11-RavenwoodBarnDinner-03barn, dinner, ravenwoodRavenwood Barn DinnerRavenwood Barn DinnerRavenwood Barn DinnerRavenwood Barn DinnerRavenwood Barn Dinner

We’re so grateful to those who came out to be part of this new beginning and to those behind the scenes contributing their incredible talents to make it happen. Our motivation behind these gatherings is not only to transform our efforts in the field into a meal that celebrates where we live and each month’s bounty, but also to shine light on the beauty, craft and creativity of this ever-growing community.

Ravenwood Flowers

Kelli Galloway, of the floral shop Hops Petunia in Kingston NY, made magic happen when she swooped in with her gorgeous arrangements that instantly transformed the space. I could not be happier to have such a talent nearby.

Ravenwood Barn Dinner

Michael Drapkin of Kingston Wine Company, collaborated with us to pair NY-State wines and delicious Wayside Cider with our fall menu. To have him and Teresa tending shop in their beautiful store on the Rondout is a dream.

Our NY-State food purveyors, that supplemented what we were able to grow ourselves, inspired a menu that celebrated and honored the time and place we all came together for this meal. Nadia and Oleh of Rusty Plough Farm contributed some additional produce, grown and harvested to perfection. Our pasture-raised meat came from local vendors such as Kinderhook Farm of Ghent, Josef Meiller Farm of Pine Plains, and Sir William Farm Craryville. All cheeses on the menu came from Sprout Creek Farm of Poughkeepsie NY.

This event’s dinner started with an heirloom tomato soup with currant tomato confit and aged cheddar. Passed entrees included crispy smashed potatoes, charred kale, roasted root vegetables, grilled leeks with romesco sauce, cornito rosso peppers, smoked pork shoulder, grilled flanken ribs, and lamb daube provencal. For dessert, guests helped themselves to crispy sweet corn waffles with apple compote and maple cream topped with our own maple syrup.

Ravenwood Barn DinnerRavenwood Barn DinnerRavenwood Barn DinnerRavenwood Barn DinnerRavenwood Barn Dinner

Our small staff of dear friends who made this first dinner possible will be hard to replace this upcoming season. We’re so grateful to Frida and Anna, two culinary rockstars who cooked with Chris over four open fires in our outdoor kitchen. And another big thank you to Rob and Carol who helped serve our guests in the barn and ensure they were taken good care of.

Ravenwood Barn Dinner Ravenwood Barn Dinner Ravenwood Barn Dinner Ravenwood Barn DinnerRavenwood Barn Dinner

As we await the arrival of spring and prepare the barn to be filled again, we hope that you’ll join us to celebrate this beautiful place that we call home. Looking forward to seeing you this May!

With Gratitude,
Dana + Chris

* A big thanks to Lodge Cast Iron for their product contributions. Working directly with open fire and smoke, their skillets and dutch ovens could not have been more perfect for the asado-style meal that we prepared our guests.

(Photos by Brooke Fitts)

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